On Line Only Presidential Debates Coming Soon

The Huffington Post, Yahoo, and Slate Magazine are teaming together to host on line only debates for the Presidential candidates scheduled sometime after Labor Day. These will be the first on line only debates. They plan on having one for the Republicans, and one for the Democrats. The candidates will be able to communicate with each other from different places using video cameras, with Charlie Rose from PBS acting as a moderator. Yahoo will host the debates and offer technical support. Voters will be able to submit questions for the candidates. Huffington said they have contacted all the campaigns and most are interested in participating. Sounds like fun, but face to face debates with all in the same room is still the best way. The next debate like that will be this Thursday in South Carolina, on the campus of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg. All eight of the declared Democratic candidates will participate. It will be moderated by NBC News anchor Brian Williams. The Republicans will have theirs May 3rd at the Reagan library.
Alan Cosgrove

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