Paul Ryan Roasts President Trump At Charity Dinner

Paul Ryan was the keynote speaker at the 72nd annual Alfred E. Smith Foundation charity dinner in New York City on Thursday evening.

Here are excerpts where Ryan roasts President Trump;

PAUL RYAN: I know last year, that Donald Trump offended some people. I know his comments, according to critics, went to far. Some said it was unbecoming for a public figure, they said his comments were offensive.

Thank God he’s learned his lesson…
A lot of people ask me, a guy from Wisconsin, what is it like to work on a daily basis with an abraisive New Yorker with a loud mouth. Once you get to know him, Chuck Schumer is not all that bad…

The press absolutely misunderstands and never records the big accomplishments of the White House.

Look at all the new jobs the president has created, just among the White House staff.

When you read the papers tomorrow, everyone is going to report this thing differently.

Breitbart will lead with: ‘Ryan slams president among liberal elites.’

New York Times will say: ‘Ryan defends the president in a state Hillary won.’

And the president will tweet: ‘300,000 at Al Smith dinner cheer mention of my name.’

Here is the full speech

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