President Obama Complains That Michelle Doesn’t Get Paid

President Obama addressed a Working Mothers Town Hall during a brief trip to Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday. The issue of pay inequality was brought up and he sidestepped the answer by stating Michelle Obama doesn’t get paid. “Let me tell you, now, Michelle would point out First Ladies get paid nothing,” Obama said to laughter. “So there’s clearly not equal pay in the White House when it comes to her and me.” Never mind she wasn’t hired or elected to do anything. He also fails to consider the perks she gets. She gets more benefits in one year than most people get their whole life. It is also a cleaver way to avoid talking about the real pay discrepancies at the White House. Several stories have demonstrated that currently women get paid less at the White House. He gives lip service and claims he is going to push ahead despite the Republicans. Wasn’t this all settled in 1963 when President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act?

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