President Obama Has Failed On Being The Most Transparent Administration In History

When President Obama took office he promised to be the “most transparent administration in history,” but recent emails disclose they have cheated to carry out such a feat. According to the RNC these emails show that high-ranking members of the administration held hundreds of meetings with lobbyists at Caribou Coffee across the street from the White House to keep them off visitors logs. The emails also show that other officials, including current Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina, conducted White House business on personal email accounts to keep it off the books. “Today’s revelation of secret, personal email communication by Obama administration officials with Washington lobbyists is another nail in the coffin of President Obama’s promise to be the ‘most transparent administration in history,'” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “Barack Obama promised during his 2008 campaign that he would be a different kind of president, but it’s clear with his repeated violations of his own promises that he’s just another typical politician who will say anything to get elected.” For more information on this latest White House scandal see Brewed by Caribou from the GOP.

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