President Obama Is Running On Hype And Blame


The RNC have a new ad campaign out that says President Obama is running on “Hype and Blame” this year. They are releasing a new web ad just ahead of President Obama’s first ‘official’ campaign stops. Even though it appears President Obama has been campaigning for months the official start of the campaign is this week. “President Obama has no record to run on so he’s out on the campaign trail resorting to the very tactics he once campaigned against,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “It’s sad to see the candidate of ‘Hope and Change’ become the president of ‘Hype and Blame.’
Barack Obama once promised to hold himself accountable, but now he’s making excuses and blaming others for his failures. The ‘great uniter’ has resorted to dividing the American people against each other by creating animosity and scorn to win reelection. He doesn’t have a record to run on, so he’s painting his opponent as someone people should run from.”

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