President Obama Offers Student Loan Breaks To Students

President Obama spoke before students in the Denver area yesterday 10/26/2011 to offer them breaks with their student loans. He also spent some time pushing his jobs bill. “The only way we can put hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people back to work is if Congress is willing to cooperate with the executive branch and we are able to do some bold action. Like passing the jobs bill. That’s what we need. And that’s why I’m going to keep forcing these Senators to vote on common sense, paid for jobs proposals, and I’m going to need you to help send them the message. You don’t need to tell Michael Bennett. He’s already on the page. But I’m going to need you guys to be out there, calling and tweeting and all — all of the stuff you do. But listen, we’re not going to wait, though. We’re not waiting for Congress.” Charles Krauthammer said Obama’s tuition proposal is “entirely incoherent.” According to Krathammer, “I’m not sure if those savings are real, where are they? What he spoke about today was tweaking the student loan program, which he now controls. In a way, it’s rather astonishing. The numbers were run by an economics correspondent today in The Atlantic magazine. And It turns out what he is offering the students is between $4.50 and $7.70 a month of relief.” President Obama plans on pushing this through without Congressional approval with executive actions, because “we can’t wait.”

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