President Obama Wants To Expose The Attacks

During the 2008 campaign candidate Obama had a web site called “Fight The Smears” which addressed the issues of his birth certificate, whether or not he is a Muslim, or his relationship with Bill Ayers. For 2012 the Obama campaign team have started another defensive web site. This time they want to expose the attacks with According to a letter to supporters, “if you have an interest in seeing lies about President Obama countered, you should give it a close look.” Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, claims, “The President has seen his share of absurd attacks over the years. And as the election gets closer, they’ll only get worse. This campaign isn’t going to wait to find out what’s coming. We’re building a program right now to snuff out these false attacks the moment they start, fight back against distortions of the President’s record, and mobilize our supporters around the truth.” You can even join AttackWatch, and they will send you “new tips for how to spread the truth to your friends and neighbors.” According to Messina, “Being a part of is simple. Just visit the site when you see a new attack on the President. If we’ve heard it before, you’ll be able to download all the facts and resources you need to fight back. If we haven’t, you can be the first to let us know about it.”

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