President Obama Wasted Money On Overseas Ventures

Americans for Prosperity have an ad out that complains about President Obama wasting tax dollars on ventures overseas. They want to tell President Obama, “You promised to fight for working American families, but continue to stand directly in the way of projects that would create thousands of American jobs and reduce energy costs. Now gas prices are on the rise, hurting those Americans you promised to look out for. It’s time the White House stopped tanking American growth in favor of partisan politics.” “AFP’s “Wasteful Spending” ad holds President Obama accountable for sending billions of taxpayer dollars to “green energy” companies overseas, even while Americans suffer with rising energy prices and a lack of jobs.”
More than 13 million Americans are unemployed, with thousands more dropping out of the workforce each month. But rather than helping Americans, the Obama Administration is working to create “green jobs” in foreign countries!

Let’s take a look at some stimulus “green energy” highlights:

$2.3 billion in tax credits went to create jobs in foreign countries.
$1.2 billion went to a solar energy company to help finance a new plant in Mexico.
$500 million to an electric car company which created hundreds of jobs in Finland.
Tens of millions of dollars to build traffic lights in China.

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