President Obama Went From “Hope And Change” To Anger And Division” According To RNC

The RNC have released “Anger and Division”, a new ad campaign that highlights some stuff uttered by democrats along the campaign. Mitt Romney’s campaign has called it “Chicago-style gutter politics.” “Barack Obama promised he would bring ‘a new kind of politics’ to Washington but, four years later, President Obama has revealed himself as just another typical politician,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “With no record to run on, President Obama has resorted to a campaign of anger and division that disgraces the Office of the President. After implying that Governor Romney is a felon and murderer to saying that Republicans want to put people back into chains, the Obama campaign has gone too far. President Obama knows better and has lost all credibility with the American people. It’s time for President Obama to take responsibility for the tone and rhetoric coming from his campaign.”

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