President Obama’s Failed Investments With Red Flags And Warnings

The RNC have a new web video out that highlights President Obama’s record of investing in companies of campaign donors that failed, costing thousands of jobs. In response to the attacks from the left the RNC have adopted their own version of Bain Capital saying, “President Obama ignored many warnings and made risky bets with taxpayer dollars only to see more people lose their jobs, health care and pensions.” “President Obama’s legacy on job creation is making risky bets on companies owned by campaign donors only to see them fail and thousands of people lose their jobs,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “For three years, through his policies and rhetoric, he has shown that he is not only hostile to job creators, but he doesn’t understand how the free market works. The result has been billions of dollars given to failed green energy companies and 39 straight months of unemployment above 8%.”
Priebus adds, “I guess we can’t be surprised with the economic results we have received over the past three years. Barack Obama has never run a business. He’s never met a payroll and hasn’t created a single job. The only thing he’s ever managed is his personal narrative. America needs Mitt Romney in the White House because he’s spent time in both the private and public sector and understands how to get Americans back to work.”

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