President Obama’s Weekly Address 10/6/2012 We Are Moving Forward Now

From the White House; “In this week’s address, President Obama says that Congress should act to keep our nation moving forward by keeping taxes low for 98 percent of Americans, cutting red tape so responsible homeowners can save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at lower rates, and creating a veterans jobs corps to help our returning heroes find work.” In this Weekly address President Obama uses his campaign slogan “Forward”. Obama tells us, “four years after the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, we’re seeing signs that, as a nation, we’re moving forward again.” He adds that, “too many of our friends and neighbors are still looking for work or struggling to pay the bills – many of them since long before this crisis hit. We owe it to them to keep moving forward. We’ve come too far to turn back now. And we’ve made too much progress to return to the policies that got us into this mess in the first place.”

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