President Obama’s Weekly Address 2/14/09

President Obama discusses the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which was rushed through Congress without any of them even reading it. Even though President Obama told us there would be catastrophic results if this bill is not passed soon, he took the weekend off to spend With Michelle on a date. The President and his wife were spotted at the trendy Table Fifty-Two in Chicago while the bill collects dust waiting for his signature. It is speculated that the bill was rushed through so no one would be able to read the garbage that it is ladened down with. Once it is passed the Obama administration promises transparency by showing us where every dollar will be spent at Recovery.Gov. After that President Obama will continue to convince the American public that we are facing the next great depression, which is a gross historical inaccuracy. Our current 7.6% unemployment rate hardly compares to the peak in 1932 of 25.2%. This is just President Obama’s style of politics of fear. He will then show us how he saved us on one of his many transparent websites.

Here is the weekly address of President Obama;

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