President Obama’s Weekly Address 6/23/2012 We’ve Got Responsibilities That Are Bigger Than An Election

From the White House, “President Obama discusses the urgent need for Congress to act now on two common sense measures to help middle class families: preventing interest rates on federal student loans from going up and putting hundreds of thousands of construction workers back on the job.” According to President Obama he has done his part, and the Senate has done their part, but “now it’s up to the House to follow suit; to put aside partisan posturing, end the gridlock, and do what’s right for the American people.” “It’s not lost on any of us that this is an election year. But we’ve got responsibilities that are bigger than an election. We answer to the American people, and they are demanding action. Let’s make it easier for students to stay in college. Let’s keep construction workers rebuilding our roads and bridges. And let’s tell Congress to do their job. Tell them it’s time to take steps that we know will create jobs now and help sustain our economy for years to come.”

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