President Obama’s Weekly Address 6/4/2011

From the White House; “Speaking from a Chrysler plant in Toledo, Ohio, the President commends the work of America’s dedicated autoworkers, who have helped reinvigorate the domestic auto industry.”

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1 Response to President Obama’s Weekly Address 6/4/2011

  1. Laurence S. Eraut says:

    June 4, 2011
    Dear Felllow Americans
    1. He is in America illegally, as his real name is Barry Soetoro.
    2. Fearing because he is not a citizen, he used dead persons’ social security numbers. 39 of them.
    This was coincidental with his selective service non-registration. The number he is presently
    using, 042-68-4425, would make his age to be 121 years old, because it is
    not his own social security number.
    3. Chicago is a spiritual city, also it is a city full of crime. With these other crimes surfacing,
    his history in Chicago will also surface.
    4. He is a Muslim, and on his Indonesian passport he visited Pakistan,
    no doubt to get into a heap of trouble . I have heard that he became a heroin addict,
    and still is, a heroin addict.
    Possibly he has found medication, or has dealt with this problem.
    5. It is possible that his Kenyan birth certificate is valid, since he claimed in his book to be
    a dual citizen, and since a Kenyan birth can be registered by a relative, for a Hawaiian Certificate.
    Since his father, in Kenya at the time, was counted as a British citizen, Barry Soetoro inherited
    British Citizenship, Plus Kenyan, or Indonesian Citizenship.
    Dual citizenship is not permitted for an American President.
    6. You-all know his supposed birth certificate is a phony. It is not on white paper as a photo-static copy, it is on new blue paper, a construction. It does not have any provable
    mark, such as a seal, or a baby footprint. Hundreds of experts have pronounced it a forgery
    Even so, it is not for this certificate, it is for a multitude of crimes and high misdemeanors.

    Why do we need to find more crimes, such as his refusal to obey our Constitution ?
    We have plenty of crimes on record, to find him guilty of treason and to determine him a usurper.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Laurence S. Eraut erautlaurence@yahoo.c

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