Race In Pennsylvania Tightens As Murtha Insults More Constituents

After insulting his constituents by saying “that western Pennsylvania is a racist area,” and later referring to them as “rednecks,” Rep. John Murtha is now facing a serious challenge from a republican for his seat. Retired Army Lt. Col. William Russell has pulled within 4 points of Murtha in the latest Susquehanna Poll with a 3.9 margin of error. Pennsylvania is up for grabs in the presidential race, and moves like this from Murtha can only help John McCain”s efforts in the state. Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback said comments like this “really riles people up and they are citing that everywhere and they are upset about it.” Brownback continued, “The politicians say, ‘This is what I think about you folks here,’ and they don’t like it and they are fired up about it, and they’re getting involved.”
Alan Cosgrove

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