Representative Chaffetz Says Congress Was Misled Every Step Of The Way On Benghazi

Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was on Fox and Friends this morning to talk about the upcoming Benghazi whistle-blowers. According to him, “we were certainly misled at every step of the way. To hear from the administration that there was nothing wrong here — the accountability review board has looked at this and there’s nothing wrong, and what you’re doing is just political.” He believes we were purposely mislead in September because the truth would have been bad for President Obama’s re-election campaign.

On Fox News Sunday, Representative Chaffetz claimed the Obama administration has suppressed the whistle-blowers in the State Department. According to Chaffetz, “they’re scared to death of what the State Department is doing to them. And that’s what — look, we’re the other branch of government. They’re supposed to be able to come to Congress and be able to share this type of information. That has not happened, because the administration has suppressed them.” He goes on to say, “this is a story of the State Department doing things that haven’t been in any other case.”

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