Republican Weekly Address 4/23/2011

From the GOP; “In the Weekly Republican Address, Sen. Mike Johanns of Nebraska explains, “”The idea of government creating jobs; well, it simply misses the point entirely. That’s just not how we get our economic engine firing on all cylinders. Job creation in this country doesn’t start with government; it starts with our businesses, especially our small businesses. Small businesses create between 60 and 80 percent of all new jobs, according to the Small Business Administration.”

Sen. Johanns points out that the policies of the Obama administration have made it more difficult for small businesses to create jobs, such as the 1099 tax reporting mandate included in the Democrats’ health care law.

He says, “Job creators found themselves saddled with a mountain of costly new paperwork due to this part of the health care law. Repealing it opened the door to hiring by closing the door on new accounting red tape that businesses would have faced. Since then, I’ve heard directly from small business owners, thanking us for removing this stumbling block to growth, for saving them time and money, and for getting big government out of the way of small business.”

“1099 repeal was a big victory for our small businesses and our economy, but there’s so much more to do,” Sen. Johanns says. “The red tape and the bureaucracy continue to pile up from this Administration. . . . [President Obama’s] his Administration has proposed or enacted more than 250 regulations amounting to more than $24 billion dollars in regulatory costs. And again, that’s just since January.”

He concludes, “It is time to change the culture in Washington. We can’t tie up small businesses in needless red tape and regulations and then expect them to create jobs and boost the economy. The federal government can’t create jobs; we must help shape an economic environment conducive to job creation. It’s our task to unshackle job creators from regulations and mandates, to enable them to grow, to flourish. My Republican colleagues and I will continue to push for a scaled back government that allows the enterprising American spirit to create a prosperous economy that benefits everyone. That means reining in spending, reducing the deficit, eliminating red tape that holds businesses back.”

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