RNC Calls Health Care Mandate Just Another Broken Promise

Since the Supreme Court has ruled that the health care bill is now considered a tax, the RNC calls it another broken promise from President Obama. In 2009, Barack Obama said that his “signature piece of legislation” was “absolutely not a tax.” Thursday’s Supreme Court decision upheld the individual mandate as a tax, yet another broken promise of the Obama administration. “In 2008, Candidate Obama promised middle class American families that they wouldn’t see their taxes go up under his administration, yet his signature legislation did just that,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “ObamaCare continues to be bad policy as health care costs are increasing, placing a large burden on job creators. Big Government is not the answer to health care reform and Americans know that new leadership is needed in the White House. As president, Mitt Romney will provide the real leadership needed to repeal ObamaCare and provide true health care reform.”

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  1. Tom Cosgrove says:

    the new kitty in the white house is a skunk.

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