Ron Paul Defines What Conservative Means To Him

Ron Paul defined what he thinks a conservative is to Brian Williams and the rest of us at the Monday night debate in Tampa, Florida. Paul said, “I think the problem is the way we are defining what conservative means. Conservative means we have smaller government and more liberty. And yet, if you ask what have we’ve done, I think we’ve lost our way completely. Our rhetoric is still pretty good, but when we get in charge we expand the government… So if it means limited government, you have to ask the basic question: ‘What should the role of government be?’” Paul argues that a real conservative should be willing to cut across the board and not just pick what to cut. He feels that to many on the right are unwilling to cut when it comes to the military. Paul ads, “So I say that if you’re conservative you want small government across the board – especially in personal liberty. What’s wrong with having the government out of our personal lives? We have to decide what ‘conservative’ means, what ‘limited government’ means – and I have a simple suggestion. We have a pretty good guide. And if we follow the Constitution, government would be very small and we’d all be devoted conservatives.”

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