Ron Paul Leads In Constitution Party’s Presidential Poll

The Constitution Party would like to find an alternative to the two major parties, and have started a poll to find that candidate. The party is convinced that the national parties will never nominate candidates like Ron Paul, Alan Keyes, or Tom Tancredo. According to James N. Clymer, National Chairman of the Constitution Party, “You see, neither of the presidential candidates that will be chosen by the Democrat or Republicans parties will acknowledge God the Creator as the source of our rights. Neither will stand for Constitutional liberties. Neither will fight for a limited Federal Government. Neither will be a strong defender of the unborn. And neither will stand against the illegal invasion that is destroying our country.” So the Constitution Party would like one of these major party cast offs to run as their candidate. Knowing to attrack candidates of this stature they will have to build a strong foundation for them. So they are starting a Presidential Poll. To participate in the poll click here. As of this writing Ron Paul is ahead with 42% of the vote and Tom Tancredo is second with 23%. The rest is spread out among 8 other candidates. The poll also asked for a second and third choice. Tom Tancredo is tops with the second choice with 27%, and Ron Paul is second with 19%. Duncan Hunter is also in included in the poll, and comes up in the 7th or 8th place in all three choices. So help the Constitution Party pick a candidate or two. Currently the only one running as a Constitutional Party candidate is James Gilchrist of California, and a founder of the Minuteman Project. The one thing this poll does help prove is if you put Ron Paul in an internet poll he usually wins, just like the Pajamasmedia Presidential Straw Poll, and the Fantasy Politics USA Presidential Idol. So we know Ron Paul can win on the internet, but can he win a national campaign? I really look forward to the GOP debate at the Reagan library so we can get a good look at Ron Paul.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. johnwk says:

    Question is, does Ron Paul support the socialist friendly, Washington Establishment friendly alleged fair tax (H.R.25)?

    I know he is not one of the co-sponsors of the alleged fair tax, even though its advocates continually attempt to connect Paul’s good name to the alleged fair tax in a favorable light.

    For example, I started a poll at ___ the alleged fair tax vs. our Constitution’s original tax plan ___ and our Constitution’s original tax plan is far ahead! And what does a poster do? Try to say Ron Paul thinks the alleged fair tax is constitutional when in fact it H.R. 25 proposes to violate our Constitution’s rule of apportionment for a general tax among the states and also proposes to redistribute money from the federal treasury via its family consumption entitlement which would create the largest entitlement in America’s history and make the majority of voters dependent upon a monthly government check which our socialists in Congress, like Ted Socialist Kennedy, would promise to increase during election time to buy votes and remain in power.

    I know the Constitution Party’s platform supports our Constitution’s original tax plan, which I also support. But, is Ron Paul on record as supporting our Constitution’s original tax plan as it was intended to operate by those who framed and ratified our Constitution?



  2. We need to suport Ron Paul. He can unify the solid Americans in all parties. He is the finest candidate we have today, a real American patriot and constitutionist.

  3. Alva Hegge says:

    I believe you’ve remarked some very intriguing details , thankyou for the post.

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