Ron Paul Wins Again, But Hillary Hot On His Heals

American Idol may be done for the year, but Presidential Idol has a little over 5 months before we pick the next and first Presidential Idol Since May is over, another candidate has been voted off of Presidential Idol. Ron Paul received the most votes for the month of May and came in first with 41.38%. Ron Paul has won Presidential Idol every month for over a year, and seems to be a shoe in to win this thing. Just like in the real world Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are battling it out for the second place. In May Hillary Clinton was second with 27.59% of the vote, and right behind her the whole month was Barack Obama with 20.69%. Everyone else is way behind with John McCain sliding into fourth with 5.91%, and Chuck Hagel next with 2.96%. Ex-candidate Mike Huckabee received less than 1% of the vote in May, and was booted off of Presidential Idol. Huckabee has dropped out of the presidential race, but he still gets votes in the primaries. He is also busy working on HuckPac which is committed to getting republicans elected, and is on a short list of candidates for the V.P. job with John McCain. All the candidates on Presidential Idol are starting from zero again, so we can vote another candidate off at the end of June. We started with 20 candidates over a year ago, and are now down to the top 6. November 2008 we will pick from that group the first Presidential Idol. You can vote once a day for any candidate on the list. The one with the least votes on June 30th is voted off, and we start again with 5 in July. So come by and vote for your favorite candidate at Presidential Idol. We are also home to Fantasy Politics 2008 the game. The only place on the internet that combines the fun of Fantasy Sports with all these politicians wanting to be President. We currently have over 50 politicians to choose from, and 1000’s of points have already been awarded. It’s all free and it’s fun. Thanks.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is video of this months winner Ron Paul visiting San Diego earlier this month;

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