Ron Paul Wins Presidential Idol Poll While Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Voted Off

Another month is gone, and another candidate has been voted off of Presidential Idol. Once again the candidate with the most votes was Ron Paul with 44.2%. Coming in second with 19.2% of the vote was Chuck Hagel. Hillary Clinton was third with 7.2%. The candidate that gets voted off this month was non-candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger with a little less than 1% of the vote. Although Schwarzenegger would never be allowed to be President of the United States, we thought we would give him a chance to be a Presidential Idol, but now he can’t even do that. Arnold seems to have his hand full being the Governator, and is doing a good job since they voted him into a second term. All the candidates on Presidential Idol are starting from zero again, so we can vote another candidate off at the end of September. We are down to 15 candidates, and November 2008 we will pick from them the first Presidential Idol. You can vote once a day for any candidate on the list. The one with the least votes on September 30 is voted off, and we start again with 14. So come by and vote for your favorite candidate at Presidential Idol. It’s free and it’s fun. Thanks.
Alan Cosgrove

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