Rudy Giuliani Calls Some Judges Dangerous To Democracy

Rudy Giuliani was talking about his position on abortion and what “strict constructionists” means. “What ‘strict constructionist’ means is that a judge will interpret the Constitution in accordance with what someone else meant when they wrote those words and not try to legislate,” Giuliani said. “If you are not a strict constructionist, I believe you imperil the American democracy because you take the role of a legislator.” Giuliani has repeatedly said he would try to appoint judges like Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, President Bush’s appointees. That should be reason enough there not to vote for him. Reporters asked him how he could appoint such judges and still believe in the reproductive rights of women. If we get any more judges like Roberts and Alito then Roe v Wade will get overturned. Giuliani wouldn’t directly address that question, and instead said strict constructionist, “goes way beyond any one issue. It goes beyond abortion, it goes beyond gun rights, it goes beyond free speech.” Uh, Rudy you can’t have it both ways. Either you are for abortion rights, or you are for packing the court to get rid of abortion rights. It is clear he can’t give us a good answer on this one. If he can’t tell us the truth now, what do you think he will do when he becomes President? I think candidates like Giuliani imperil the American democracy, not judges.
Alan Cosgrove

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