Rudy Giuliani Continues His Battle With MoveOn

Rudy Giuliani released a radio ad today where he called himself’s “worst nightmare.” He started this battle last week with the General Betray Us ad, but now MoveOn has an ad attacking Giuliani for being AWOL instead of helping in the war on terror. They started airing the ad in Iowa on Monday, and on Tuesday the ad went national on cable stations. The ad attacks Giuliani for leaving the bipartisan Iraq Study Group after only two months. According to the ad Giuliani, “has always been a big fan of George Bush’s war in Iraq. Yet when Giuliani had the chance to actually do something about the war, he went AWOL.” Then the ad adds, “And gave speeches. For money.” Giuliani’s ad doesn’t mention the charges, just like he didn’t address the charges against General Petraeus, and instead attacked Hillary Clinton. Instead Guiliani calls MoveOn “the most powerful left wing group in the country.” He says the reason they are attacking him is because he is the only, “Republican who can beat Democrats. And they know, no matter what they say, Rudy will never ever back down.” Giuliani has wasted a week attacking He hasn’t address any real issues during the whole mess, and his arguments are weak and hollow. If he is going to struggle this much with a little left wing fringe group then how will he handle the real world?
Alan Cosgrove

Here is’s latest video, “A Betrayal Of Trust,” about Rudy Giuliani;

Here is Giuliani’s Radio response.

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