Rudy Giuliani Explains His Ignorance From Rudy’s YouTube

Rudy Giuliani has posted a short video on his YouTube site that explains why they attacked the twin towers. It is called American Foreign Policy as explained by Giuliani. The video is introduced by the site as, “Rudy tells attendees at his post-debate rally that American foreign policy had nothing to do with September 11.” This is in response to Ron Paul trying to explain blowback to voters during the debate. When I saw this I really thought it was from an anti-Giuliani YouTube user, but was blown away to see this is really what Giuliani believes, and is passing off on his YouTube site. This guy is either a non-reading idiot, or is pandering to a bigger bunch of morons. The facts are out there and clear. Our policies in other parts of the world can and do cause blowback. They did not fly airplanes into buildings just because we have freedom for woman and religion. We do not need another simpleton in the White House.
Alan Cosgrove
Here it is straight from Rudy’s YouTube site, total ignorance;

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  1. SamWest3 says:

    Speaking of ignorance, you misspelled “Site”

  2. acosmo says:

    corrected, thanks. I do admit my ignorance of spelling.

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