Rudy Giuliani Releases Three New Radio Ads

Rudy Giuliani released three new radio ads to air in New Hampshire and Iowa. They are titled “Out of Control”, “Will Do”, and “Garbage Can.” The first one, “Out of Control” highlights Giuliani’s accomplishments as mayor of New York City. Claims he cut crime, cut the welfare, and cut taxes. They said it couldn’t be done, but Rudy did it. Here is the radio ad Out of Control. In the second ad, “Will Do”, Giuliani focuses on his 12 commitments to America. Giuliani says, “This is what I did in New York City. I restored fiscal discipline and I held spending in New York City, a city that was out of control in spending, to less then the rate of inflation and the growth of the population.” Claims he can, “restore fiscal discipline and cut wasteful Washington spending.” Here is the radio ad Will Do. The third ad is called “Garbage Can”, and he is still talking about his 12 commitments to America. In this ad Giuliani said, “I believe that you collect more money from lower taxes then you collect from higher taxes. I believe in it because I saw it work.” Wow. Here is the radio ad Garbage Can. That was pretty good from Giuliani. Three radio ads and he didn’t mention 9/11.
Alan Cosgrove

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