Rudy Giuliani Says The Democrats Want Socialized Medicine

Republican front runner Rudy Giuliani took the time out today to discuss the Democrats and their debate last night. He told a group at the North Carolina Conservative Leadership Conference that the Democrats want “mandatory” health care saying, “They’re moving toward socialized medicine so fast, it’ll make your head spin.” Giuliani favors a program giving vouchers to the poor for health care, “When we want to cover poor people, as we should, we give them vouchers.” A Food Stamp like program, except for health care. The Democrats all seem to offer some type of health care package, like John Edwards who has a program that would require everyone to have health insurance. “I’ll be darned if I’m going to concede that Democrats care more about poor people than we do,” Giuliani told the crowd of conservatives. Edwards responded to Giuliani’s criticisms with, “Rudy Giuliani needs to put an end to his campaign to divide America and concentrate on offering solutions to the big challenges we face.” I’m not sure how Giuliani can trash the Democratic plans for health care when all he has to offer so far is vouchers. Giuliani says he doesn’t like the Democratic versions because of all the big government getting involved. But, who is going to give out all those vouchers, and who will determine who is eligible to get them?
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. mistycpa says:

    hmmmm….I’m a Republican & I want socialized Medicine. I guess thats just one more reason not to vote for Giuliani.

    *****VOTE HUCKABEE******

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