Rudy Giuliani Takes Money From Chavez And Then Calls Him Dangerous

In a speech today before a group of Hispanic business leaders Rudy Giuliani blasted Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. “Isn’t it annoying, upsetting and even in some cases a matter of national security that we have to send money to our enemies?” Giuliani asked. “We need a president who knows how to get things done so we don’t have to be sending money to Chavez.” Giuliani called on the U.S. to develop alternative energies so we don’t have to depend on foreign oil and their dictators. He said leaders like Chavez would become less important on the world stage if they didn’t have all their oil money. “Who would listen to Chavez if he didn’t have all this oil money? Nobody would listen to him,” Giuliani said. “I feel perfect freedom to point out that Hugo Chavez is a person who’s acting against the interests of the United States. He’s someone where we’d be in a much better position if we could cut him off. If we could say we don’t want or need Venezuelan oil,” Giuliani told reporters after the speech. “I don’t think there’s anyone that’s more outspoken about how dangerous I think he is.” Giuliani believes that Chavez is dangerous to the U.S., yet a law firm that Giuliani is a partner for also represents Citgo Oil. Bracewell & Giuliani lobbies in Texas for Citgo, a subsidiary of Venezuela’s national oil company, controlled by Chavez. Giuliani didn’t mention this to his Latin friends when he was blasting Chavez. Giuliani said he joined the firm after they developed their relationship with Citgo, and that he personally does no lobbying for Citgo. But, being a partner, he still makes money off their dealings with Citgo.
Alan Cosgrove

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