Rudy Giuliani The Terrorist Expert On Fox News

All day Fox News has had story after story about the U.K. Terrorist plot, and it didn’t stop for Hannity and Colmes. Sean Hannity brought on terrorist expert Rudy Giuliani to talk about the U.K. terror plot. Giuliani’s only credentials in this field is, he was the mayor of New York city during the 9/11 attacks. He also was a member of the Iraq Study Group, but he quit after failing to attend any meetings. So instead of educating us on this attack we get a political commercial with Hannity pushing Giuliani on us. How can an attack on the U.S. be such a crowning moment for the mayor? 9/11 was not the first attack on the twin towers, and yet he placed the Office of Emergency Management in one of these buildings. He didn’t replace the radios that didn’t work for the police and fire workers the first time the towers were bombed. His poor treatment of the firemen and rescuers after 9/11 is well documented. And for all this Fox News considers him an expert on terrorism. During the interview Hannity asked Giuliani, “Does this go to the heart of winning the war in Iraq?” “Sure it does,” Giuliani responds. “We have to be on offense in the terrorist war against us… This is a good object lesson in how you have to deal with it.” Like Bush, Giuliani wouldn’t work at defeating terrorist, but instead he would attack our civil liberties to fight his own style of the war on terror. It is actually pretty profitable for some people. Today Giuliani was at fundraiser in California and said this about the U.K. terror plot, “Of course, we don’t know yet whether it was an organized terrorist plot or just random craziness, but it does remind us of the kind of situation that we live in.” Giuliani then bashed the Democartic candidates, “They don’t even mention the words ‘Islamic terrorism,’ ” he said. “I think the Democratic candidates, not just one of them, all of the major ones, are in denial about this threat.” Giuliani is just running a campaign of fear, which is what we have had for the last six years. What we need now is a campaign based in reality and less bullshit.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is Rudy Giuliani on Hannity and Colmes 6/29/30;

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