Senator Bob Graham Claims The Saudi Government Is Behind 9/11 And FBI Covered It Up

Former head of the Senate intelligence committee and former two-term governor of Florida Bob Graham says that the FBI is covering up knowledge of connections between the Saudi royal family and al-Qaeda. He says the agency has pictures and documents that prove multiple connections between Saudis living in Florida and the 9/11 hijackers. FNC’s Shep Smith and Andrew Napoltiano have the details.

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: What the government reveals to you when you are on the intelligence committee [like Sen. Bob Graham], they make you take an oath not to reveal to anyone, so you are sort of hamstrung. Here you are, a popularly elected official who has made promises to the voters who elected you, and you know these horrible truths and you can’t reveal them.

You may recall Sen. Feinstein got around this by revealing the evidence of torture on the floor of the Senate. Former Senator Graham no longer has access to the floor of the Senate, so he can not reveal the awful truths that the American people want to know.

SHEP SMITH, FNC: Think what he is alleging. He is alleging that the Saudi Arabian government knowingly funded an organization that was about to commit an act of war against the U.S. If what Sen. Graham is saying is true, that is an act of war. They killed 3,000 of our people.

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: He is also alleging the flip side of this, that the American government knows about this

SHEP SMITH: And covered it up.

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Two presidents [of two different parties].

SHEP SMITH: I don’t know what to think of this. It would be nice to see the 28 pages.

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: I am happy you are bringing this up, these are unhappy truths.

SHEP SMITH: You know what’s going to happen, the truthers are going to go bonkers now, but if Sen. Graham says he wants to know, it would be interesting to find out.

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