State of The Union

Tonights State of the Union will be mostly about domestic issues. Bush made his big Iraq speech about adding 20,000 more troops a couple of weeks ago, and it didn’t seem to go over that good. With Bush’s polls and popularity so low, and facing a Democratic Congress tonite it would be best for him to stay with the domestic issues. My guess is that the State of Union will be “Strong”, just like it has been the last 5 times. Another interesting fact is that the last two Presidents to have a 7th State of the Union Speech was Bill Clinton right after the impeachment stuff, and Ronnie Reagan right after the Iran Contra affair. So at least in recent history, the 7th State of Union Adress is all about cleaning up some mess left over from previous years. Bush will talk about Health Care, Immigration, alternative fuels, and there is even talk about him bringing up the No Child Left Behind. That was a failed policy that Bush never funded anyway. Bush will try to reach across party lines, and gain their confindence, but I doubt there is any chance left for that. This is a perfect example of a Lame Duck President in action. The only real action to watch tonite is American Idol, and then the clapping, or lack of on the State of Union Speech. This is probably Bush’s lowest point of his Presidency, and now he has convince us that the State of The Union is “strong”. Tough sell…..
Alan Cosgrove

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