Steve Kubby Endorses Ron Paul, A Libertarian Spliff Split

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Steve Kubby, who is best know for his work for marijuana legalization and his work on behalf of medical marijuana patients, has announced that he endorses Ron Paul for President. Steve Kubby is still running for the President as the Libertarian Party candidate, but says he will quit if Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination. Kubby says he will ask the LP party to nominate “none of the above” at next years convention and go volunteer for Ron Paul. Why is he willing to abandon the LP party for Ron Paul? Because a recent poll says that 70% of LP members support Ron Paul, and all the real LP front runners are lucky to get 3%. Kubby may be excited about Ron Paul, but not that excited. Kubby says he plans on releasing his first commercial soon, and will continue to debate other LP candidates, and make radio appearances. Kubby’s endorsement of Ron Paul is not getting support from other LP candidates yet. Robert Milnes said he believes that, “Kubby’s endorsement of Ron Paul’s candidacy is a huge strategic blunder. He should call for, as I do, for libertarians to cease their support for Ron Paul. He is diverting libertarian support to the GOP. He is not a good progressive alliance candidate.” Hey Kubby, don’t bogart that joint my friend.
Alan Cosgrove

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  2. This is good news. I was beginning to lose respect for
    the “liberatarian” party.

    Ron Paul will bring liberty
    back to the US.

    Steve, I hope you just jump
    on the Ron Paul bandwagon
    now, and start supporting him
    right away.

    He is really the one that the US wants to see win.

    The main hurdle is getting the
    word out.

    Your help is needed.

  3. Eric Dondero says:

    I agree. Smart move on Kubby’s part. I think he’s now well-posititioned to win the Libertarian Nomination.

    I was a Wayne Root supporter, and hoping that Root would win the Nomination over Kubby.

    But it now appears that a libertarian-leaning GOPer will win the Republican nomination, like Giuliani or Fred Thompson, instead of McCain.

    Given that scenario, it would be absurd for the LP to run a strong candidate for 2008. Much better they run a mediocre candidate like Kubby or George Phillies, so as not to siphon off too much support from Giuliani (or Thompson).

    Eric at

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