Support For Impeaching Dick Cheney

A recent poll said that 54% of the country wants Dick Cheney impeached. There is even a web site called where you can see the new bravenewfilms video Impeach Dick Cheney, and sign a petition to support H. Res 333 saying we should start impeachment hearings against Dick Cheney now. Keith Olberman called the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney on his show on the eve of July 4th. Candidate Dennis Kucinich introduced the bill to impeach Cheney and has been getting more supporters all the time. “There’s kind of an imperial vice presidency that’s moved in,” Kucinich said. “And I think that congress has to move forward to use the remedies that our founders set forth in the early debates about making those that hold the highest offices accountable.” Also on July 4, Los Angeles opened an Impeachment Center, and on July 5 Philadelphia held an impeachment forum. Impeachment of these guys could cause more harm than good, but it seems to a talked about subject these days. If we somehow manage to impeach Cheney, George Bush would just commute him and he would get his job back. Or worse, Cheney will step aside to keep down further embarrassment of the Republican party. Bush will give the V.P. job to Fred Thompson or Condi Rice and all the attention will go to them, the new front runner for the Republican nomination. Then the Republicans have an incumbent running for President. The Democrats could help create their worst enemy. But, if you still want to impeach Cheney you can write or call you representative to encourage them to support H. Res 333. A friend sent me a letter which he wants circulated addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The letter encourages Ms. Pelosi to supprt impeaching the entire executive branch. Here is a copy of that letter which you can copy, sign, and send to Ms. Pelosi at

Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

I am truly worried for our country. I believe without any doubt that if you do not take serious action to stop this executive branch the world as we know it will not survive.

Six years ago if you’d have told me that the U.S. government could secretly break into my house, go through all my possessions, raid my computer, kidnap me, torture me for the rest of my life, never tell anyone where I am, never bring me to trial, steal all my health and banking records, read my emails, and listen to all my phone calls without the slightest reason for doing so, I’d have thought you were crazy.

If you’d have told me that a President would appoint overseers from lobbyist groups to regulate the nations most dangerous industries, let an entire major U.S. city sit underwater for 4 days without reaction, separate families, bomb 650,000 people into dust, reignite the cold war, dismantle labor unions, roll back women’s rights, chips away at integration, build a wall on our southern border, and ignore mass genocide I’d have thought the same.

But here we are. We have lost all that because of the failure of anyone to stand up to what can by any rational terms only be called a group of criminals in our Whitehouse.

If any of the founding fathers were alive now they’d be weeping for what this country has become.

We need you now Ms. Pelosi. We need you to stand up with us. We can only scream so long before we will be silenced. Then where will this country be? Then who will support anyone that can stand up and say “no more!”?

The proof is there right now to impeach this entire executive. You know it, I know it, the entire world knows it, and most important, millions of Americans know it. It is not up to you to make the decision not to do so for political expediency. It is your duty Miss Speaker.

I don’t need to make a case. You know in every fiber of your being that it is the right thing to do. It is the power given to you by our founding fathers for exactly this situation. The actions of this Presidency do not call for cooperation, continued capitulation, or an attempt at conciliatory action. That will not stop their pushing towards their ultimate goal of destroying the separation of powers that are the core of this once great nation. We require an equal and opposite reaction to bring a halt to the terror brought by this Presidency upon the nation I love dearly.

Failure to act now will condemn this nation to the history books as a great experiment that sadly died. Whether the United States lives on as a world power or if it dies releasing its nuclear arsenal, it will only be a shell of a dream that once was.

We cannot, having learned the lessons of the past, allow one with greed for power and no conscience for the citizens of the world to continue every day to kill and torture in our name. To do so is to ally the people of America with darkness; to give up our souls for nothing more than perpetual injustice.

Six years ago I was a proud citizen of the United States of America. Today, I am ashamed to mention my heritage. I want to be proud again. I want to love my country for what it used to stand for. Justice for all are the words we learn from our first days in school. I ask: where is that justice now? Where have we allowed it to be hidden; pushed away, cornered and beaten? And where are the protectors of that justice?

I beg you Ms. Pelosi take steps to impeach this administration. We cannot wait for another moment, for every moment is a further erosion of our rights, of our greatness as a society, and as a nation. We cannot allow these people to come back and do this in the future.

Democrats are called weak by their opponents. This is your chance to show them you are not. You don’t need to bluster and scream as they do, just stand up with the knowledge you are right. The country will understand, they will follow you, and they will cheer you on. Not to do so will mean losing the next election while moderates talk of your inability to take action once again. Not to take action means the slow death of all that is beautiful in our nation, and maybe to our nation itself.


Here is the video Impeach Dick Cheney from;

And Here is Kieth Olberman on July 3, 2007 calling for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney;

Alan Cosgrove

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