That’s So Gay Live With Fred Karger

Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger did a fundraiser at the famous “Witch House” in Beverly Hills, California. That’s So Gay Live caught up with Karger before the fundraiser to grab a quick interview. Karger said he wanted to do three things. First he wants to “bring the American spirit back to the country that we are lacking right now.” He wants the republicans and democrats to get along. Second he thinks the republican party “has gone way to far to the right.” and he wants to be a voice of moderation. “And thirdly as the first openly gay candidate for president,” he wants show that you “can do anything you want if you are gay.” They also talked about jobs, and he suggested government help. Karger even mentioned we could “lower the voting age to 16 or 17,” so politicians like him can engage them in high school to get them into the voting booth. They also talked about Karger’s web site, Let Fred In!, that he set up because he hasn’t been invited into the GOP debates so far.
Karger’s fundraiser was the second this week and he has raised about $260.000 so far. That is more than the two time New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson, has raised so far and almost half as much as former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Karger seems to focus most of his campaign attention towards the state of New Hampshire.

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