The Democrats Are Running Against The Tea Party, Not The Republicans

The Democrats have sent out an email about the field of GOP presidential candidates. According to the Democrats, the two winners of the Ames straw poll, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul are “the two most extreme candidates in the field.” Tim Pawlenty dropped out because he, “was too “nice” for the Republican voters and “didn’t fit with an electorate who wanted confrontation with President Obama at all costs.” In other words: You ain’t seen nothing yet.” “The Tea Party has all the momentum right now in the GOP primaries, and that’s what knocked Tim Pawlenty out of this race.” According to the letter the field of candidates will “produce a GOP nominee who’s pledged allegiance to the Tea Party agenda — an agenda whose first item is to destroy Democrats no matter the consequences for our country.” The Democrats feel that all of the GOP candidates are one of the same, and all of them have “signed on to the Washington Republican plan that essentially ends Medicare, cuts K-12 education, and eliminates hundreds of thousands of jobs.” “The prize will go to the candidate willing to launch the most vicious, negative attack on our party and our principles.” Because, “Every one of the remaining GOP 2012 candidates has taken a pledge of allegiance to the Tea Party — promising to end Medicare, repeal the Affordable Care Act, cut K-12 education, and eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs.” If they are going to do all of this stuff, I hope they can repeal Obamacare as well.

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