The RNC Says The More Context You Get, The Worse Obama Sounds

In their latest web ad, the RNC use President Obama’s own words against him with a whole minute of context, just to prove that republicans are not taking President Obama out of context as the DNC claims. “President Obama thinks his comments are being taken out of context, but the reality is the context makes it worse,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “With more context, it is obvious President Obama doesn’t understand that businesses succeed because of the hard work and sacrifice of the American people, not the growth and intrusiveness of government. President Obama thinks he can paint over his latest admission, but he can’t cover up four years of anti-business actions. From his comments to entrepreneurs that ‘you didn’t build that’ and ‘the private sector is doing fine’ to failing to meet with his jobs council and failing to hold Daily Economic Briefings, it’s clear Obama’s lack of concern for our economy is quite clear.”

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