The Romneys Explain Their Views On Etch A Sketch

Mitt Romney tried to explain what his adviser Eric Fehrnstrom meant with his etch a sketch comment. On Wednesday Fehrnstrom said for the general election Romney will shake it up” and “start all over again” in the fall. All of Romney’s detractors took this to mean he will change his positions to fit the general election, but he really didn’t mean it that way. But, facts and the truth rarely mean anything during a campaign. Romney tried to explain this, wanting to move on to real issues, with a one question presser. Romney explained that “organizationally,” a general election effort looks very different from a primary campaign. “The issues I am running on will be exactly the same,” Romney told reporters. “I am running a as conservative Republican. I was a conservative Republican governor. I will be running as a conservative Republican nominee, at that point hopefully, for president. The policies and positions are the same.”

Ann Romney also had to explain the etch a sketch issue during an interview on CNN. “Obviously he was talking about how we’re going to change focus, and we’re going to change what we’re going to do in the organizational sense of changing. Not Mitt changing positions,” Ann Romney said to CNN’s Piers Morgan. “These are just the kind of frustrations that you have to deal with in a campaign. And of course it makes for great media. It’s a distraction. It’s a distraction because what we’re talking about is an economic message, it’s a job’s message. It’s talking about, you know, capping spending, balancing budgets,” she added.

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