The Third Ad By Wesley Clark and VoteVets

Here is the third of the ‘general ads’ brought to us by and General Wesley Clark, a possible presidential candidate. In this one Army Officer Mike Breen discusses a situation in Afghanistan during a firefight in 2005. They were running low on ammunition, and they called for helicopters to resupply them. The helicopters never came. This ad is called, ‘Where were the helicopters?’ The helicopters were in Iraq fighting George Bush’s war. In this ad Wes Clark tells us this war in Iraq has distracted us from the real terrorists. The terrorist that bombed us on 9/11. This ad, like the other two, is directed at Congressional members sitting on the fence. In the ad Clark specifically addresses one Senator, “Senator Warner; protect America, not George Bush.”
Alan Cosgrove
Here is the third ad from Wesley Clark and;

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