Tim Pawlenty Endorses Mitt Romney

Tim Pawlenty sent a letter to his supporters telling them he endorses Mitt Romney. “America may get a second chance: Mitt Romney is running for president, and I am proud to endorse him,” Pawlenty says. According to Pawlenty, “Alone among the contenders, he possesses the unique qualifications to confront and master our severe economic predicament. His abiding faith in our country’s exceptional historical position as a beacon of freedom will make him the most important leader in a world that depends upon a strong America to stay at peace.” “Romney is running for president because he is deeply committed to our country, troubled by its current condition, and I believe he can turn it around.”
Pawlenty endorses Romney because, “Crises indeed produces great leaders. Sometimes it just takes awhile. I am proud to stand with Mitt. Will you join me?”
Pawlenty also stopped by Fox and Friends this morning to offer his support for Romney.

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