The American Comeback Kid Tim Pawlenty’s Last Ad For The Season

Tim Pawlenty released this ad just after Michelel Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll. Pawlenty placed third behind Ron Paul and Bachmann, and the rumor out now is he will drop out because of his poor showing. A letter he sent to supporters doesn’t mention anything about quitting, and instead talks about the future of the campaign. “As I’ve said all along, we needed to show progress to do well, and we did just that. This is a long process to restore America — we are just beginning, and I’m eager for the campaign.” Pawlenty goes on to say, “We are now moving onto the next phase of our campaign. Over the coming weeks we will be visiting New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida while continuing to grow our already strong ground game in Iowa.” According to Fox news Pawlenty will drop out today.

So here is an ad that shows the next phase of the Pawlenty campaign, or his last ad for the season, “The American Comeback Begins”;

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