Tom Tancredo is Expected To Make Big Jump On Monday

Tom Tancredo will kick off his campaign in
Des Moines Iowa on Monday. He is expected to make a big announcement on a Des Moines radio station. Tancredo is a five term congressman from Denver who is best know as an staunch opponent of immigration. AP has announced that Bay Buchanan will join Tancredo to chair his exploratory campaign, and he has hired a campaign manager for New Hampshire. He has been campaigning in all the early primary sights. In addition to immigration, Tancredo is also a strong supporter of the pro life movement. He has voted consistently against abortions, and also has voted against stem cell research, which is in contrast to the two front runners. Giuliani and McCain both support forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research. A spokesman for the campaign said Tancredo’s decision to run for President will not affect whether he will run again for his House seat, a la Joe Lieberman style.
Alan Cosgrove

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