U.S. Will Strike Iran On Good Friday

According to reports in Russian media, and the Jerusalem Post the U.S. is planning on air strikes and missile attacks aimed at strategic targets in Iran. The date and time of the attacks is supposedly between 4 am and 4 pm on Good Friday. The U.S. already has two aircraft carriers, USS Eisenhower and USS Stennis with a third on the way, USS Nimitz all stationed in the Persian Gulf. That’s a lot of fire power in the very small Persian Gulf. Iran’s nuclear facilities, and command and control area’s of Iran’s military are the targets. Many fear that the British hostage situation might be used as an excuse, or a we might have a “Gulf of Tonkin” repeat. We can’t even fight a war in Iraq, and yet we have tons of cheerleaders in the U.S. and Isreal ready to jump into another engagement. Truthfully military engagement is a failure from the start. It means you have failed with every other effort, and this is the last resort. Have we really exhausted all other methods with this problem? If we engage Iran, it is my belief that we will only produce more of the problems we are trying to defeat. This guy in Iran is no doubt an idiot, but this is no reason to start another war. The drumbeat for this battle has been beating in the right wing media for the last year, with reports of Iran’s involvement in Iraq, despite the fact that more money to support the insurgents comes from our “friends” in Saudi Arabia. I think it is time to play to a different tune.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. Punchy says:

    I hope we strike on Good Friday with my “Ham Bomb” idea!!

    Ham Bomb – Air burst 500 or 1000 pounds of thinly sliced boiled deli ham on the population to keep them inside.

    Once the ham bakes in the sun for a few days, then begin distributing air conditioners and refrigerators to bring these knuckle-dragging, wife beating, non-shaving/bathing cavemen into the 21st century.

    It worked in Kuwait and UAE. They may hate us, but man, nice beaches and view!!

    Here’s the difference between us and them…..

    They win – we all dress like citizens of Tatooine.

    We win – they can still dress like citizens of Tatooine…if they still want to.

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