Vilsack Is Dropping Out Because He Doesn’t Have The Cash And Gore is A Sure Win

Tom Vilsack is dropping out of the Presidential race because his campaign just doesn’t have the cash. He has only $396.000 dollars in the bank and most experts say if you don’t have 20 million by June 2007, then you don’t have a chance. He was the first to enter the race when he announced his candidacy in November 06. Vilsack said at a news conference, “It is money and only money that is the reason we are leaving today,” Obama called him almost immediatly seeking an endorsement, but was told that Vilsack wasn’t ready to commit to anyone yet. Kinda like a vulture waiting for something to die.
Mitt Romney is having a good time with the fueding Democrats. At a speech in New Hampshire Romney said, “It’s great, isn’t it?”….”I love to see it when it happens on the other side.” To prove that the Republicans are different Romney had this to say about his opponents, “I respect them. I’m sure we’ll disagree on issues from time to time, but I doubt you’ll see the rancor that apparently may exist elsewhere.” He called Giuliani and McCain friends and national heros. He also spoke about his vision of the US being energy dependent sometime in the near future. Giuliani was in New York city south, a Jewish Deli in Delray Beach, Florida. The crowd, mostly snowbirds and transplants where very excited about seeing their old mayor. Many in the crowd mentioned, if Giuliani could do for the United States what he did for New York City, that he would be a great President. Giuliani was the fourth candidate to visit the state in the last six days. Also visiting the sunshine state lately has been Romney, McCain, and Clinton.
The Republicans have been going after the conservative vote. The far right so far hasn’t been that impressed with the field and would like to instead draft former Florida Gov., Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush has said so far he is not interested, probably because of the mess his brother is likely to leave behind. Jeb Bush was not really that great of a Governor. His tax cuts only went to the top 4.7% of the Floridians, and he created less jobs for Florida than any Governor since the 70’s. But, he stood tall for Teri Schiavo, a cause célèbre for the religious right, and that’s why the hard right likes him. Jeb Bush indicated that he would probably support Mitt Romney.
Al Gore is a slam dunk to win an Oscar this Sunday for his documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.”
Alan Cosgrove

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