We Aren’t That Stupid And You Aren’t That Clever Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich was at an outdoor event today in Orlando today speaking about Mitt Romney’s recent attacks on Gingrich’s conservative credentials. “This is the man who stood up the other night and questioned my credentials as a ‘Reaganite’? This is the kind of gall they have to think we are so stupid, and we are so timid,” Newt Gingrich. “We need a solid conservative who can stand there, and look straight in the eyes of the President and say, ‘Mr President, you are wrong, and your policies have failed,” Gingrich told the cheering crowd. “If you are for paychecks, you are with us. If you are for food stamps, you are with Barack Obama. If you are for American Exceptionalism, you are with us. If you are for European socialism and Saul Alinski radicalism, you are with Barack Obama.” Gingrich had a message for Romney saying, “we aren’t that stupid, and you aren’t that clever.”

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