Wesley Clark Thinks About Running For President Every Day

Wesley Clark just gave an interview with The New York Times Magazine, and he discusses the threat of Al Qaeda, his chances of running for the President, and his future with MSNBC. When asked about running for President as a Democrat Clark replied, “I haven’t said I won’t. I think about it every day.” In the interview Clark says that Al Qaeda is not the big threat that neo-cons would like you to believe. He uses the threat of the Soviet Union during the Cold War as an example of a real threat. Clark says the neo-cons need an enemy saying, “Perhaps the neoconservatives believe that we can only be defined by having an enemy.” He also left his job as a foreign affairs analyst at Fox News to go to work at MSNBC. I would call that a positive move for anyone calling themselves Democrat. Clark has a new book coming out called, “A Time to Lead.” When asked about the title of the book Clark said, “‘A Time to Lead’ is a time for America to lead. That is the intention of the title. Certainly we are having a leadership crisis. We have an administration that has lost all sense of strategic purpose in the Mideast. I am very concerned that we have lost the foundation of America’s worldwide power and influence. It has been squandered.” Sounds to me like he is ready to run again. To read the whole interview, click here.
Alan Cosgrove

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