White House Lies Again For War

Last week The National Intelligence Estimate was released after a year of delay and cajoling by Bush and Cheney. The NIE is the concensus opinion of the top 16 US Intelligence agencies. It stated unequivocally that Iran shut down its nuclear weapons development in 2003. Again, 16 agencies agreed that this was the fact.
The President and Vice President had this information for over a year. During that time they tried every trick in the book, as reported by agency officers, to get the report changed to say Iran is after nuclear weapons. Also, during this time they beat the drums to go to war by trying to scare us, the citizens of the US, with quotes about World War 3, mushroom clouds, a crazy dictator with his finger on the button, and a nuclear threat to Israel, all the time KNOWING it was untrue.
After it was released, Bush’s National Security Advisor even went so far as to say that the report confirmed the White House position that Iran was after a nuclear weapon. I assume he was expecting that no one would read it and that the media would simply repeat his words without checking the facts.
I bring this up because this is another incident of treasonous action by The White House. Simply, in the legal charge of treason, the presenting of falsified evidence in order to start or expand a war is treason. This is only one instance in a long line of treasonous acts. I wish that I’d have documented them all as they happened. The White House is now saying that the report was CHANGED the day before the report was put out and after they made their march to war case against Iran. Now you tell me what’s more likely, that they were lying or that 16 governmental intelligence agencies changed each of their reports 180 degrees the day before the Bush and Cheney allowed it to be released after The White House delayed it for over a year.
Most important, as the democrats are too spineless to impeach, is that we all recognize that every Republican candidate except Ron Paul followed the White House lies. All of these candidates have access to individuals in the intelligence agencies. In fact some have very close ties and surely had read the report prior to release, yet still decided to continue the march to war. It is equally important to know that some Democratic candidates, most notably Clinton and Obama, even after the last 6 years of continuous lies by the administration and even with their own contacts with intelligence officials, followed the path to war with Iran.
So the question is who will not follow the insanity of continued war? We know Kucinich and Paul, but what about someone who can actually win? Someone who said we ought not believe what the White House was saying? How about the guy who took responsibility for and regrets his initial vote for war with Iraq? How about Edwards?
Banana Sledfoot

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