Why Is President Obama So Indignant On Gas Prices?

The republican rapid response team have put together a quick video that uses a recent question from a White House Press Briefing. ABC’s Jake Tapper asked the White House spokesperson, “He ran a lot of commercials in 2008 about gas prices. It was a big part of his reelection campaign so I don’t understand – there seems to be a tone of indignance from the White House about the fact that people are talking about gas prices – this is one of the reasons why you guys have your jobs.” He never got a real answer back from the press secretary.

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1 Response to Why Is President Obama So Indignant On Gas Prices?

  1. acosmo says:

    Since President Obama inherited $1.80 a gallon gas and pushed it up to close to$ 4.00 a gallon. So now he has a plan to lower the price of gas
    1 Don’t drill
    2 Don’t drill
    3 Don’t start drilling.

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