A Chuck Hagel, Mike Bloomberg Ticket For Independents

Chuck Hagel appeared on ‘Face The Nation’ today and told host Bob Schieffer that he is not happy with The Grand Ole Party anymore. “I am not happy with the Republican Party today,” Hagel said. “It’s been hijacked by a group of single-minded almost isolationists, insulationists, power-projectors.” Hagel hasn’t decide when he will run, or even if he will run as a Republican or an Independent candidate. He told Schieffer that he thought Independents are good for the campaign. “What America will be looking at and wanting and demanding is honest, competent, accountable leadership,” he said. “We need some new, fresh, independent ideas to lead this country forward.” Hagel recently had lunch with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and mentioned the two as a possible ticket. “We didn’t make any deals, but I think Mayor Bloomberg is the kind of individual who should seriously think about this,” Hagel said. “He is the mayor of one of the greatest cities on earth. He makes that city work. That’s what America wants.” It would sure be a good way to add a bit of money to Hagel’s war chest. He told Schieffer, “It’s a great country to think about – a New York boy and a Nebraska boy to be teamed up leading this nation.” This is the strongest Independent team mentioned yet. Hagel is already known for breaking with Bush on his Iraq war policies, and he sees other Republicans doing it by this fall. “The President may find himself standing alone sometime this fall where Republicans will start to move away, and you’re starting to see trapdoors and exit signs already with a number of Republicans,” Hagel said. He said the 11 that went to speak with Bush this past week was just the tip of the iceberg. If Hagel runs as an Independent he could be the Republican’s version of Ralph Nader who has already promised to enter the race if Hillary gets the nomination. The nation is pleading for a change in the two party system, and they want another option besides the big political machines. We have some really strong third party candidates this time around with Chuck Hagel, Mike Bloomberg, Ron Paul, and Ralph Nader all showing interest. It’s going to be fun.
Alan Cosgrove

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