A Letter From Tom McMahon To Democrats

It doesn’t take much to realize why six in 10 Republicans are unhappy with their party’s presidential field.
The GOP leadership has never been more out of touch with mainstream America — and apparently its own party faithful are beginning to take notice. The more Republicans hear about their candidates, the less they like their choices.
Let’s take a minute to help our neighbors make a decision to change the course. Write a letter to your local newspaper, and show your community what the GOP candidates are really about:
You probably heard some of the sound bites from last week’s debate, but the Republicans have said a lot more than that in recent days — remarks that are dangerous and alarming.
Tom Tancredo believes that immigration is an “issue of our culture itself, and whether we will survive.”
Mitt Romney thinks that it’s “entirely possible” that Iraq hid weapons of mass destruction in Syria.
And an overwhelming majority stood up in front of First Lady Nancy Reagan last week and told her they would not support federally-funded stem cell research.
Faced with facts like these, even Republicans are beginning to abandon their party. That’s why our 50-state strategy has never been more important. We’re going to protect Democratic strongholds, but the disillusionment of the Republican base underscores why we can never give up on the communities GOP strategists have considered “safe” for years.
Do your part by writing a letter to the editor and show these unhappy Republicans that they have a clear choice in 2008:
President Bush’s war in Iraq was a failure. His response to Hurricane Katrina was a failure. And just this week, his overextension of military resources failed the people of Greensburg, Kansas.
Yet somehow, the 2008 Republican presidential candidates — like Rudy Giuliani — still believe that history will view George W. Bush as “a great president” for his response to terrorism after 9/11.
Right now, there is a Republican waiting to hear this. Help them out — write a letter to the editor now:
Tom McMahon

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