Mike Bloomberg A Better Mayor Than Rudy Giuliani According To Daily News Poll

Rudy Giulianai is running as America’s mayor, because of the strength he showed after the 9/11 attacks. But now his post 9/11 leadership has some holes in it. A closer examination of events showed that he took over and limited the influence of federal agencies. As a result thousands that worked at the ground zero cleanup have become deadly sick. So Giuliani’s triumph came at the cost of human lives. The reports show that the city had safety plans that were never enforced. In order to prove the city was not crippled by the attacks the mayor allowed workers to work at ground zero without proper protection. At the same time the mayor’s office threatened to fire or penalize workers if the work slowed. But reports show the dust was dangerous, and since then over 2000 firefighters working at ground zero have been treated for respiratory problems. 70% of the workers at ground zero screened at Mount Sinai Medical Center have trouble breathing. Officials estimate that health care cost from the ground zero victims could reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, where all there with expertise to help immediatley after the attacks, but Giuliani’s team pushed them aside and took over operations. One Army Corps official said Mr. Giuliani acted like a “benevolent dictator.” Giuliani assigned all clean up to a city office called the Department of Design and Construction, and according to the departments commissioner Giuliani never let FEMA or the Army Corps in to try to help. The disregard for safety at the cleanup has been criticized by union’s, doctors, and occupational safety experts. But at the same time safety was thrown out the window as long as there was a possibility that a life could still be saved in the rubble. It wasn’t until late October until some of the ground zero workers were wearing respirators that were required by OSHA. But even when Giuliani showed up he failed to wear one. On paper they said the right things, but in reality they did the wrong things, and a s a result we now have all these respiratory problems. Giuliani’s administration privately worried about the possibilities of lawsuits and Giuliani signed a bill that capped the city’s liability at $350 million. After Giuliani left office, FEMA appropriated a special 1 billion dollar insurance company to help ground zero victims. So America saw Giuliani at the funerals of fallen heroes, but they never saw him at a 9/11 hearing on health. To get the stock market going again, and to clean up this mess up was at the cost of many brave lives because safety was put on the sidelines so America could look strong again.
With these kind of reports going around then it is no surprise to hear the latest poll by The New York Daily News that shows new Yorkers by an overwhelming margin support current mayor Mike Bloomberg over Rudy Giuliani as the next President. The poll asked who would make a better President, and the results show that 46% choose Bloomberg while only 29% choose Giuliani. This is coming from the folks that know better. Nationally Giuliani is known as the mayor that cleaned up New York, but at home it is a different story. Bloomberg hasn’t entered the race, but recently he has dropped a few clues and updated his websight. The poll showed that Giuliani had the least amount of support from the black community, but that is no surprise since he wasn’t very friendly to the black community while he rushed to clean up crime. That must be the way Giuliani rolls. He gets the job done, but he doesn’t care about who gets hurt on the way. We are all just little worker bees to help him look good.
Alan Cosgrove

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